Fire Doors – Why do you Block and Lock them?


UntitledFire Doors: Are any of yours locked when they shouldn’t be, or blocked with orders, deliveries or rubbish? Now let’s be honest, most people will privately admit to knowing about “Locked & Blocked” Fire Doors, but when did you last do something about it?

For the righteous amongst you, you’ll be muttering , “That never happens here”, and if that’s true, then well done! However experience tells us it happens in most business locations. Now the malicious chaining of fire doors (far too common under the misplaced heading of “Security”), nailing shut etc will not be solved in this blog, but what we can do is address the more reasonable culprit.

So you have blocked your fire doors, because there is a big order in? You have also increased the fire loading in the area of the fire escapes, we know retail and Christmas go together like hand and glove on this one! We realise that Christmas is where the money is made in retail, and a balance has to be found. If in your opinion it is reasonable to block the fire escape to get your stock in, do you also think, “It’ll never happen here?” Many do. The big things that go wrong in life are very rarely one big bang, they are a sequence of smaller, common events that may happen daily or weekly, which in time become accepted practice, but on the day they line up, then they go “boom”.

Being sorry after the event is no consolation, so why allow those areas to remain blocked? Is someone is being put at risk right now as you read this?

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