The tools to keep homes safe

Together with its partner, CFOA BlueWatch, the Chief Fire Officers home safety scheme, TrustMark will be offering advice and guidance on how to deliver greater home safety and reduce incidents from occurring to householders and landlords at the Emergency Services Show, NEC (21-22nd September).

The two organistions, which will be exhibiting in the Home Safety zone at R18 in Hall 5, will be promoting the assessment and registration of safety features found in both private and rented homes, and provide consumers with the tools to keep their homes safe and compliant through various home safety evaluations.

Available to purchase online, the ‘Home Safety Assessments’ cover fire risk and general home safety for domestic and commercial properties and will enable users to carry out home safety checks themselves, with built-in guidance notes and the option to have these checks audited by a safety professional.
Simon Ayers, CEO of TrustMark said “Having worked in the emergency services industry before starting my role here at TrustMark, I know what a crucial impact home safety has on everyday households. As sad as it is, we just don’t go far enough to protect ourselves from incidents occurring in our homes. Putting the power in the consumers hands to carry out these checks with the right level of guidance and support is a fantastic opportunity to protect our families and or tenants”.
Brian Gregory, CEO of CFOA BlueWatch said: “As the UK’s leading home safety scheme, we feel It is important to spread the message about how to stay compliant and ensure every step is taken to prevent incidents from occurring, whether it be a domestic or commercial property. With over 15,000 people affected by fires and CO poisoning each year, this is a real issue that could happen to anyone. We want to give everyone the confidence to know how to check the safety of their property and feel reassured that they are doing a good job of it”.
Come and visit TrustMark and CFOA Blue Watch in the Home Safety Zone, R18, Hall 5 at theEmergency Services Show, NEC, 21-22nd September.
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