So what is Safire?

Safire is a fire risk assessment software that has been developed for you with the purpose of making fire safety accessible to everyone.

The software offers you a simple and reliable means of planning, coordinating and completing your fire safety assessments, ensuring that your properties are compliant while taking less of your company’s resources and less time to complete.


Benefits of Using Safire

Have a look at how much time and money you can save by using Safire to manage and complete your Fire Risk Assessments:


Money Saved

The cost of Safire is approximately 6% of the cost of an average Fire Risk Assessment.


Staff Time Saved

The guidance notes that accompany every question will save your in-house assessors valuable time spent completing the assessments.


Turn Around Time

If you’re fed up of waiting for consultants taking weeks to return your reports, Safire will give you immediate access to all of your reports.


Hazards Nullified (Risks Averted)

Since hazards are identified immediately, your assessors can sort them out quickly, reducing the risk in your properties.

Make your business compliant today!

Safire is easy to use, guides you step by step through the process, and if you get lost, we have experts on hand if you need them. Why would you take the risk for even one more day?



  • Safire guides you question by question through the process of undertaking a fire risk assessment
  • Safire’s reporting tools help you manage all your buildings in one place
  • Real time, live information – no more spreadsheets
  • Manage your residual works online
  • Multiple users means you’re not restricted to only one assessor
  • Sector specific bespoke fire risk assessment templates


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