Do Landlords really not know?

  A recent study by SpareRoom highlighted the need for landlords and letting agents to take a lead in tenant safety in the home. The survey found a massive 7% of people admitted to removing the batteries from their smoke detection.   Why landlords aren’t fitting sealed units so batteries can’t be removed is an interesting […]

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Protect Yourself from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

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The tragic events at the holiday chalet in Peebles, Scotland, where one person has lost their life with two others still in hospital suffering from suspected CO poisoning, highlights the need for not only home owners, but also holiday makers to protect themselves against Carbon Monoxide poisoning.  People may well be more vulnerable in someone […]

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Fire Doors – Are they just a bit of a nuisance?

Fire Doors are everywhere, in offices, public buildings, shops, restaurants, and even in the home! We often find them in places they don’t need to be as well, this is generally over specification, often by the architect or building designers. But what is the point of fire doors and do we really need them? We […]

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