The tools to keep homes safe

Together with its partner, CFOA BlueWatch, the Chief Fire Officers home safety scheme, TrustMark will be offering advice and guidance on how to deliver greater home safety and reduce incidents from occurring to householders and landlords at the Emergency Services Show, NEC (21-22nd September). The two organistions, which will be exhibiting in the Home Safety […]

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Fire Doors – Are they just a bit of a nuisance?

Fire Doors are everywhere, in offices, public buildings, shops, restaurants, and even in the home! We often find them in places they don’t need to be as well, this is generally over specification, often by the architect or building designers. But what is the point of fire doors and do we really need them? We […]

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Fire Doors – Why do you Block and Lock them?


Fire Doors: Are any of yours locked when they shouldn’t be, or blocked with orders, deliveries or rubbish? Now let’s be honest, most people will privately admit to knowing about “Locked & Blocked” Fire Doors, but when did you last do something about it? For the righteous amongst you, you’ll be muttering , “That never […]

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