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Lisa Harris

Lisa is an Operations Administrator to use her full title, but really she’s a great girl who just knows how to make things happen around here. Lisa is a fascinating lady who enjoys narrow-boating and used to own one before two sons (now teenage boys) took over her life. She practices silversmithing and jewellery-making, and has a large collection of silk postcards from the first world war.


Pam Richards

Pam is an Operations Administrator who keeps things running smoothly and on time, with a good eye for detail. Most of her youth was spent on Lake Windermere, in a rowing boat, Swallows & Amazon style. She enjoys travelling and in the last 2 years has swapped her bikini for waterproofs and walking boots to discover the hidden treasures of Britain.


Chris Tyler

LLB (Hons)

Chris is our Head of Business Support who has spent most of his career in media monitoring and found his way to us via a quaint cafe in Kendal. Chris is an avid reader with a spare room at home dedicated to books. When asked about other hobbies, Chris says that with a teenage daughter at home, most of his time is spent acting as chauffeur. Chris has ambitions to visit Mexico City and enjoys French films, his favourite being Diva (1981).


Brian Gregory

With a background in The Scots Guards and Fire Service, Brian has been told what to do a few times in his life! Brian took part in the 1987 Trooping of the Colour, he’s a rugby fan (League of course). As the MD he will often be found getting in the way and generally poking his nose in, with the best of intentions and if reincarnation exists he would like to come back as a fully trained Jedi Knight.

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