Ian Richards

“It’s fantastic and so easy to use. It has increased our efficiency and made our jobs so much easier.”

Ian Richards / Deputy Fire Chief / Saudi Arabia

Monica D Dang

“The assessment worked great and was so easy to use!”

Monica D Dang / Newport Beach / California / USA

Tony Pallot

“Safire is well thought out and the information easy to input. The final report presents well to my clients I would certainly recommend the Safire risk assessment system. Safire was easy to use for my risk assessments as it allowed me to work online whilst I completed my assessments, and then work on them again back in the office, meaning I could complete a lot of the assessment actually on site. Once I have completed the information required and inserted the relevant photos I can create the PDF for final review and further edit the assessment if required.

Using Safire ensures all issues are covered as you go through the systems and saves a huge amount of time in creating a final report.

Clients and colleagues have commented on how easy the reports are to understand and how logical they are to interpret the key fire risks. This helps hugely in enabling duty holders to implement any remedial works identified. The format also allows monitoring of the work required and actual remedial work undertaken.”

Tony Pallot / Tony Pallot Health & Safety Training

Joseph Hall

“Searching for a suitable system or template to use, we found Safire an online tool that guides you through the risk assessment process. We carried out the initial assessment and submitted it to Safire for audit to ensure we had done everything correctly; as it turned out we had not but with the excellent feedback and detailed advice from the experts at Safire, we managed on our second attempt to do a much better job and have an excellent fire risk assessment. The second risk assessment was really very easy indeed using the Safire system and after having gained the feedback on the first assessment, We now plan to carry out Safire assessments at each our properties and would recommend the Safire system to any landlord looking for a cost effective answer with an excellent audit and feedback process that really makes this system much better than others we looked at.”

Joseph Hall / Milnerhall Holdings ltd

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And Elmeguid

“Using Safire has been a complete breeze from start to finish. The Safire team have guided me through every step of the way and I would recommend Safire to anyone! ”

And Elmeguid / Safety Inspector / Saudi Arabia

David Shepherd-Cross

“Safire is well thought out and the information easy to input. The final report presents well to my clients.”

David Shepherd-Cross / MD of Firecall and Shepherd Cross Investors

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